Rachel is the attorney leading the development of the law on Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma. She is heavily involved with the implementation of a medical cannabis program and with developing the legal regulations for the cannabis industry in Oklahoma. Rachel is the owner of Bussett Legal Group, a boutique full service law firm in OKC, situated to be the only full service  firm focused on providing services to the medical cannabis industry. Bussett Legal Group will work hand-in-hand with Scissortail Acceleration to provide the legal expertise your company needs.

jayson "giddy up" emo


Giddy Up is nothing short of a legend in the cannabis industry. He is the founder of EmoTek Labs and a respected pioneer in the legalization of medical marijuana in several states. 

EmoTek Labs created the first certified extraction machine and operating procedures that are now industry standard.

With multiple Cannabis Cup wins and a global network of clientele, Giddy has positioned himself at the forefront of the new age of cannabis. Giddy’s invaluable industry knowledge and business acumen have primed him to take the next step to ensure cannabis continues grow for and by the people.